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Using Video-Art in my ceramic studio, allows me to break the boundaries between the tangible ceramic object, and its ethereal existence. Video-Art also enables me to throw several vessels "simultaneously", thus integrating and mixing various volumes and sizes together at one sitting, to create a mesmerizing and synchronized interaction.

The infinite possibilities entailed in an amorphous lump of clay before it is made into a concrete object, extend even further once you take out of the equation the necessity of it to actually become one. Once a simulacrum is sufficed, then the object itself loses its relevance, and new avenues of creativity open before your eyes.

*skeuomorph is a concept based on two Greek words:

(skevos) – vessel, utensil, (morphe)- form, shape. it is a new product that imitates and simulates the functionality of the original one.

Featured on 8th Ceramic Biennale, Land of Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

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