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Rachel Rothman Garji is an Israeli ceramic artist based in the village Karmey Yossef.

Her practice specializes in pottery, creating ceramic objects and transforming the wheel-throwing act to a performance, by making video art.

In her ceramic artworks, Rachel Investigates the forms and structure of botanic elements and follow the internal logic of the plant morphology. Her work deals with textures, structure, relations between skin and content, abstract and concrete.

In her videoart , Rachel creates an imaginary and alternative reality that does not subject to the limitations of matter. She uses the wheel throwing as a spectacle and creates a contemporary dialogue with the wheel throwing tradition.

Rachel completed her BFA studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem in 2002.

Rothman Graji collaborates with photography and video artists, exhibits and teaches pottery.


Photo: Shelly Padan Lorber

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