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For me, the ability to shape an amorphous piece of clay into a concrete object, is fascinating and empowering, not only on the functional level of making, but through the spectacle of a potter at work- as a creator. I consider the wheel-throwing act more as a mesmerizing performance, and a way of reflecting about making an object that has volume, rather than just a mean to an end.

The video 'Contemplation' reveals this creative process of shaping a form. The practical, as well as, the reflective journey into the elusive moment where complete reconciliation between the creator, the material, the form and the essence all meet.

The viewer is usually unaware of the cycle and the complexity of the process, and at the same time the magic and joy it entails.  This process is usually hidden from the object viewers' eye, as it takes place in the studio's privacy. The video savours the cycle of the maker and the medium itself and perpetuates them for maker and viewer alike.

Featured at 'Binyaminy Ceramic Center' Tel Aviv, 2019

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